Infused oils

Infused oils

At Tuscany we are specialized in the production of private label infused oils and we have created a wide array of original recipes. Our selection of private label organic infused oils is sourced from the finest organic ingredients, selected for quality and organoleptic characteristics. Our infused oils blend the rich traditions of Tuscan oil-making with innovative infusions of herbs, and spices. These exquisite combinations are designed to enhance any culinary project, adding depth and distinction to both modern and traditional dishes. As creators of private label organic infused oils, we ensure that every drop delivers exceptional flavor as well as the utmost quality. Discover the transformative power of our infused oils and let Tuscany inspire your culinary adventures with flavors that resonate with sophistication and authenticity.

Personalizzazioni tailor-made

We only use the freshest raw materials and don’t compromise their nutritional characteristics in the process. Our infusion methodology is the result of a dedicated research and the registered patent: a process to create dressings with inimitable organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

Tailor-made customizations

Infusion is a delicate process. It can enrich the aroma and fragrance of the extra virgin or virgin olive oil in unexpected ways; it is a totally natural process completely depending on raw materials’ quality and marked by seasonality.