Our unique skills

Our unique tailor-made production

Our philosophy is based on tailor-made production: exactly like tailors in their stores, we accurately take measurements for every detail to be included in our final product, offering a recipe that keeps together taste, refinery, and quality.

We create original condiments, designed to meet different customers’ needs. Nowadays the exclusive automation of production processes is the most popular trend in the industry; but we swim against the tide, and our company still manages manual finishing in order to offer truly customized solutions in the recipe, format, and in every detail of production. This is also why we are recognized as a benchmark among private label oil and vinegar manufacturers.

Research & Development –
Eyes to the future

We love tradition, but we don’t live in the past. Being part of Tuscany means being more than private label oil producers or vinegar manufacturers, it means working proactively, anticipating market trends, and developing new techniques, skills and know-how for the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Certifications – Quality assurances

Our production site is regularly visited and verified by external bodies and has gained all the most important certifications to work in the industry.
Our certifications

Patents – New methods for unique recipes

We have enhanced our infusion method through an experimentation process that has led us to patent our exclusive natural infusion process.
Our patent

Maximum production flexibility at your service

Every customer has his own needs; therefore, marketrequests will reflect a need for flexibility.

Tuscany is already one step ahead. We make customers’ differences our own, managing to flexibly address all aspects and processes that lead to final product: from recipe to raw material, from production to delivery.

The importance of sustainability

The transition to total sustainability is part of our innovation process to become a reference among private label vinegar and oil producers.

Our new production facility will be completely sustainable, and all our materials, machines and technologies will be able to contribute to the well-being of our beautiful territory.