Tuscany: A recipe made of passion, knowledge, tradition and innovation

One history, many ingredients

Tuscany is dedicated to private label production and bottling for Italian olive oils, extra virgin olive oils, vinegars and condiments, specializing in infused oil production. Our reality originated as a corporate division from Casa Rinaldi, a Modena city Company specialized since 1979 in the selection and distribution of Italian premium condiments.

Over the years, our Modena holding has built a complete offer, developed expertise and opened two production sites, four foreign offices and some specialized divisions. Among these, Tuscany and Biotuscany stand out, the latter entirely dedicated to the creation of recipes and the production of totally organic condiments.
Tuscany was also able to benefit from the in-depthknowledge of international markets that Casa Rinaldi has developed in over 40years of activity. We establish long-standing collaborations with internationalplayers and design condiments to meet the needs of customers from any marketand geographical area. 

The result is that Tuscany is a premier private label oil company, committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of private label oil bottling, as well as bottling of vinegars and other condiments.

Working in synergy with the territory

Tuscany is not just our Company name: it also represents the strong bond with a key territory in which made in Italy know-how, tradition and taste harmonically coexist in condiments, vinegars, EVO oils and infused oils whose quality is renown all around the world.

The Tuscan territory also holds a strategic location, ideal to keep in touch with the best Italian suppliers: our aim is to create a synergic bond in order to have access to all the best raw materials and create brand-new, tasteful and refined condiments.

What we believe in

Wellness & wellbeing

Our raw materials are carefully selected: we guarantee a safe and healthy product with exceptional nutritional properties. We also manufacture whole organic products through our internal corporate division, Biotuscany.

Continuous improvement

We don’t simply create a new recipe every day: we steadily work to enhance and innovate processes and technologies trying to give our contribution to the food industry; we have also registered original patents.

Freshness and seasonality

Our raw materials are fresh and fragrant-guaranteed thanks to our strategic location in Tuscany and to the good relationship with the best suppliers: a perfect match of taste, tradition and love for the territory.

An international cookbook

In TUSCANY we believe the world has no boundaries: we rely on Italian know-how to create all our traditional and innovative condiments.

Our recipes and the premium quality of our products meet the needs of customers from all over the world. We use a wide range of Italian olives varieties and extra virgin olive oils, vinegars, organic condiments with a unique taste.

Thanks to our expertise and flexibility, we are the partner of choice for every distribution channel, from big, organized distributions groups to supermarket chains, from HoReCa sector to table dressings producer corporates.  Choose Tuscany as your private label oil company to guarantee high quality standards for your products.

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