Our “Denso” (thick) PGI Balsamic vinegar of Modena is a very peculiar condiment with unmistakable scent. We accurately single out the best cooked grape of the territory and we mix it together with premium quality wine vinegar, giving our “Denso” its unique flavor. This product enhances food flavors and can be paired with many different dishes. Its density is given by the high concentration of cooked must, a peculiar consistency that makes it perfect to decorate gourmet plates with different patterns.

Recipe and packaging can be customized upon request. Our products are fully tailor-made following our customers needs.

This condiment is shiny yet dark in color. It is a pleasure for all senses thanks to its fragrancy, reminding ripe fruits freshness. Its high but well-balanced acidity gives a long lasting, resinous and unique flavor, enriched by mild hints of garlic.