A set with three assorted flavors: basil oil, garlic oil and Mediterranean flavor oil (tomato, garlic, basil and oregano). The "Mediterranean Flavors" set is designed to evoke the excellence of Mediterranean flavors and fragrancies, encased in a corrugated cardboard box, perfect as a gift idea.

This case can be fully customized. Oils can be flavored or infused, depending on the requirements of the customer: offer can vary according to the season.

This special box is dedicated to the fragrancies of the Mediterranean area.

The first bottle is a delicate and fresh basil oil with EVO olive base: a unique combination of flavors, enriched by yellow-green hues.

In the second bottle you will discover the fruity notes of garlic, to enrich and give a touch of intensity to any type of dish.

The third bottle is a Mediterranean flavored oil: the perfect combination of garlic, tomato, basil and oregano.

We offer tailor-made solutions both in recipes and format.