A wonderful gift idea, fully customizable in blends and format, containing three EVO oils from Italy, Portugal and Greece. The harvesting season for these olives is from mid-autumn to the last month of winter. We use Arbequina olive variety for the Portuguese oil, Koroneiki (renown to be the oldest olive cultivator in the world) for the Greek oil, and olives cultivated in Calabria, Puglia and Sicily for the Italian oil.

This assorted box can be fully customized upon clients’ needs. We are happy to welcome and execute any tailor-made request about the format, packaging and aroma.

These three bottles of EVO oils are different in color and taste.

The oil extracted from Portuguese olives is clear, with a mild fruity taste enriched by light hints of bitter and spicy, accompanied by notes of apple, green tomatoes, nuts and herbaceous.

The color of the Koroneiki Greek olive oil is bright green and its taste is high-fruity with marked hints of cool grass, artichokes, apples and figs.

The 100% Italian EVO oil is characterized by a light green color with shades of golds and by its fragrant scent with hints of artichoke and green tomato. It is mildly bitter and spicy in taste.